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Amazônia Energia LTDA is an energy company that acts to contribute to the development of society and the environment, providing fuels through the importation, exportation of petroleum derived fuels, which meets multimodals and promotes power generation and related services.


We seek to develop logistics efficiency to provide the customer
with energy that drives and transforms the planet, connecting nodes in the supply chain
in the safest and most responsible way, thereby creating opportunities for energy
companies to connect the world responsibly and cleanly.


The vision we want to accomplish requires stability and recognition
through responsible actions on a global scale, respecting the local markets in which the
company is located.

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Our main goal and passion is always to give ourselves on what we do.

Our mission

Act efficiently in meeting energy supply, content delivery and satisfaction management needs through our commitment to your results.

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Our continuous pursuit of excellence is what drives us and transforms us day by day to ensure quality services!


We seek solutions in the development of fuels with better characteristics, operational and environmental safety.


Develop the best solutions in oil products (gasoline, diesel and others) for our customers, optimally meeting the demands, where we can count on our technical and experienced team.

Society and Environment

With power generation, we are committed to the economic development from which we operate business, creating structures and procedures that serve the region. Giving work opportunity, region growth and other forms of business.


We are always connected and looking for new technologies that allow us to optimize our tasks and thus providing agility and security for all our customers and partners.


Our profile as a petroleum products company expresses the competence of our professionals in all services intended for our clients and partners.

Our activities

We offer solutions in several products that bring together practicality, technology and respect for the environment and people.


Rua Pajurá, 103 – Sala 03 – Distrito Industrial Cep. 69072-065 Manaus – AM – Brasil


Fone: (+55 92) 2125-0050


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